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10 Inner Thoughts Of A Narcissist

10 Inner Thoughts Of A Narcissist

If you have ever been in a relationship with a narcissist, you know very well that they are toxic people who scar you for life. While many experts and articles deal with the person who was emotionally abused by the narcissist, only a few deal with what happens in the mind of this toxic person.

The first thing that is important to understand is that narcissists are severely emotionally damaged individuals with self-esteem problems. To give you a better insight into a narcissist’s mind, here are 10 inner thoughts of a narcissist.

1. How can I be the center of attention?

The most important thing for a narcissist is that he is in the center of everyone’s attention. He will use every possible opportunity to make everything about him.

When a narcissist is in a group, he will lie, brag, exaggerate, and do anything just to appear brilliant and interesting to everyone. When you communicate with a narcissist, he will constantly interrupt you and make the entire conversation about him

2. I’m right.

10 Inner Thoughts of a Narcissist

A narcissist is always right in his eyes. No matter what he does and how wrong he obviously is, he will find a way to justify himself and his actions. He has an excuse for everything he does or says.

According to him, his actions shouldn’t even be questioned or judged. Since a narcissist thinks he is always right, you are automatically always wrong if you dare to disagree with him.

3. I’m better than you.

No matter how successful, pretty, or amazing person you are, a narcissist will always act like he is better than you. He will use every opportunity to put you down and to elevate himself.

Actually, a narcissist has very low self-esteem, and he boosts it by wanting to be the best in everyone’s eyes.

4. I’m more important than you.

A narcissist thinks he is God-given and more important than anyone else. His needs and desires must always come before anyone else’s.

If a narcissist has some problems, his problems are the most important, and he expects you to sympathize with him. On the other hand, if you are going through some hard times, he will not be there for you. In his eyes, you can never be nearly as important as he is.

5. I’m special and unique.

10 Inner Thoughts of a Narcissist 2

A narcissist thinks he is the most special and unique person that has ever walked the Earth’s surface. You should feel privileged just to have him in your life. Therefore, you should accept anything that comes from this special and unique person, because he is a blessing for everyone around him.

6. What can you do for me?

For a narcissist, all the people around him have a sole purpose of serving him and his needs. Whenever a narcissist meets a new person, the first thing he thinks about is how he can benefit from that person.

7. I won’t apologize.

As I have already said, a narcissist thinks he is always right. Therefore, he never feels the need to apologize for his words or actions. No matter how much he has hurt you, he won’t say he is wrong or sorry.

Don’t think that a narcissist doesn’t see he has done you harm. He is very much aware of that, but apologizing would mean admitting he was wrong, and his fragile ego would never allow that to happen.

8. I won’t forgive you.

10 Inner Thoughts of a Narcissist 3

While he won’t ever apologize, he also doesn’t want to forgive you, despite all of your apologies. He does this because he enjoys to see you suffer.

This is one of his manipulative techniques. In this way, you feel guilty, your self-esteem lowers, and you become easier to manipulate. And that is exactly what a narcissist wants.

9. I love myself and everybody should.

Self-love is important for everyone, as long as it doesn’t endanger others. But, narcissists are so self-centred that they are incapable of loving anything or anyone else besides themselves.

And what is even worse, they expect everyone around them to treat them special. A narcissist is unable to accept that there is someone who doesn’t like or love him.

10. I don’t care about you.

Narcissists don’t care. They don’t care about you, about your feelings, emotions, fears, opinions, desires, or needs. He doesn’t care about whether he has made you happy or sad. The only thing he cares about is his well-being.

10 inner thought of a narcissist

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