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10 Clingy Things About Her That Say She Is Your Forever Person

10 Clingy Things About Her That Say She Is Your Forever Person

Some men seriously dislike when their girlfriends are being clingy, and others find it unbelievably adorable. Clingy might sound a bit wrong and not like something you would appreciate.

The word implies emotional dependency, and that is not something you would want your partner to be.

But when it comes to clinginess of this sort, believe us when we tell you, you want to have these things happen to you, because it will tell you a lot about her feelings towards you.

Especially if you are really into her. That is why you should pay attention to these ten clingy things about her that say she is your forever person.

1. She wants to hear from you often

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10 Clingy Things About Her That Say She Is Your Forever Person 5

She might be asking where you are, what you are doing, or what your plans were. Do not think she is doing it just to snoop around.

She genuinely cares about what happens to you throughout your day. Since she really wishes she could spend that time with you, she tries to make up for it by continued communication. It makes her feel like she is closer to you.

2. She prefers you around her all the time

She is not trying to take away all of your time, nor does she expect you to ignore your daily duties.

And she simply enjoys you being present, and if she could, she would have you there all the time, but she will take whatever is possible. It shows the amount of adoration she has for you.

3. She will enjoy parading around with you

She wants to show you off to the world. Be it on her social media or in real life, she wants everyone to know she found someone remarkable.

She is certain of how she feels about you and wants you to be aware of it without any doubt.

4. She makes sure she is always available for you

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Do not confuse this with dependency or think she is being desperate. Scheduling her day and her duties in such way to make time for you is very considerate and caring.

5. She becomes a little envious around other girls

People usually think it comes from a feeling of insecurity.

You might believe she has doubts about your loyalty, when in fact she just wants your undivided attention. When she is spending time with you, she wants you only to herself.

6. She wants to be clear on your intentions with her

In this age, no relationship is safe anymore. Everyone prefers spontaneity and most do not like talking about labels or discussing the future of a relationship.

But if she wants to talk about it, do not look at it as a burden, because it is a positive thing. It means she is not there to fool around, she is completely loyal to you and is serious about your relationship.

7. She expects respect from you

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She will not let you off the hook so easy if she finds your behavior unacceptable. You might think she is seeking attention, but it is just her showing you what she expects from you as her man.

She wants you to take care of her the same way she takes care of you, at the same time showing her the respect she deserves. Do not take her lightly or you might lose her.

8. She wants to touch you at all times

From holding hands, to having your arms around her, she just wants to physically feel your presence. Maybe hold her head against your shoulder or have her palm against your thigh while you are sitting together and talking.

It’s not about making out or even kisses, she simply feels so strongly about you that she cannot stop herself from ”orbiting” around you all of the time.

9. She asks about your life a lot

Again, do not look at this as snooping. She is trying to understand who you are and what it is that you like.

She wants to figure out how you became who you are and what makes you happy. It will give her the knowledge necessary to bring you joy and stay a part of your life forever.

10. She is curious about your family

She likes when you talk about them, and she asks about them too. It means she is interested in meeting them, but she is not trying to pressure you.

She just hopes to be able to meet the family you grew up in because they gave her the man she loves. Since she really wishes to spend her life with you, she would like to know that your relationship has your family’s blessing too.

So, when you come across a girl that does all of these things, be careful not to chase her away because they are usually the ones worth fighting for.

10 Clingy Things About Her That Say She Is Your Forever Person

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