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The 10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

The 10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

You brush your teeth, put on your pajamas, and look at his side of the bed.

He is there, and you can already hear him snoring.

Feelings of safety overwhelm you as you spoon together and start cuddling before a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping next to someone you love is one of the best things about being in a healthy relationship.

The warmth of the person sleeping next to you will reduce your stress levels and if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, you’ll get to see the most beautiful sight of your loved one sleeping peacefully next to you.

When my husband and I first talked about living together, I wanted us to have separate rooms because I wasn’t able to sleep because of his snoring.

He would also sometimes accidentally hit me in his sleep so I would wake up in the middle of the night.

The 10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

Our bed back then was small, and sleeping together was uncomfortable but we started living together and shared that small bed for some time.

After a while, I couldn’t even hear him snoring anymore.

We got used to sleeping together, he would snore a lot less, and I got used to the sound and he also became a lot more peaceful in his sleep.

Now I can’t imagine sleeping without him. When I have to do so, I put a huge teddy bear he gave me on his side of the bed to help me sleep.

There’s nothing better than cuddling after lovemaking and falling asleep in each other’s arms.

My husband and I now have a big bed, but we still sleep close to each other. Sleeping next to someone you love is known to reduce stress.

Oxytocin, better known as the love hormone, is responsible for feelings of trust, reduced anxiety, empathy, and relaxation.

Your oxytocin levels rise during physical contact with another person and that is why you feel so protected and calm once you spoon with your significant other.

The 10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

Lovemaking and cuddles improve your immune system and also lower your stress levels so there are many health benefits of sleeping next to someone you love.

Your oxytocin levels can increase due to cuddles, and it lowers your blood pressure as this love hormone helps minimize the constriction of blood vessels.

By lowering your blood pressure, it reduces your chances of heart disease.

It’s funny how the act of giving your heart away helps protect it from heart disease.

Our body temperature drops when we are sleeping and that’s why the warmth of the other person sleeping close to you feels so good.

Sharing a blanket makes you feel even warmer than if you just covered yourself with it.

Sleeping next to someone you love also reduces your cortisol levels, and cortisol is a stress hormone; when its levels are reduced, so are the levels of cytokines, which are associated with inflammation, which can be dangerous.

Read on because you are going to find out all the benefits of sleeping next to someone you love.

The 10 best parts of sleeping next to someone you love

1. You get to have a more restorative sleep

The 10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

Restorative sleep is essential for brain health, and you will likely experience it once you are sleeping next to someone you love.

It’s like taking many sedatives because it makes you release a cocktail of chemicals.

Those chemicals are oxytocin, serotonin, norepinephrine, vasopressin, and prolactin.

All of this leads to a good night’s sleep like you never had when you were sleeping alone.

The benefits of sleeping next to someone you love are many, but it is proven that it provides you with better sleep.

I also mentioned that your blood vessels are less likely to be constricted and that is why you get to have lower blood pressure and what lower blood pressure does is make it less possible for you to have cardiovascular disease.

2. Sleeping next to someone you love has many health benefits

The 10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

I already mentioned some of the health benefits, but there are many more. Sleeping next to someone you love is good for your immune system. 

Furthermore, it lowers your stress levels and gives you a better quality of sleep and by lowering your stress levels, it also makes your body feel younger.

Anything that lowers your stress levels is good for you, especially when it gives you feelings of safety as well.

So one of the best parts of being in a healthy relationship is that you not only sleep better, but you have lower stress levels as well.

3. It feels nice and warm

The 10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

You certainly get to have quality sleep when you are sleeping next to your loved one.

Since your body temperature drops when you are sleeping, it feels great to have a warm body next to you.

Your quality of sleep improves when you feel nice and warm next to your significant other so of course, that must be good for you.

After all, everyone knows that better sleep leads to a better life. It’s easy to be in the mood when you are already nice and cozy in bed together. 

Sharing a bed with the person you love is good for your well-being.

It makes you feel tucked in, and once you get used to it, you won’t be able to sleep alone anymore.

Remember how good it felt when you were a kid sleeping with a teddy bear?

Well, now you have a real, live teddy bear to hug at night and it is the best feeling in the world.

4. Your body clocks will be in tune

The 10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

The Journal of Marital and Family Therapy published a study which revealed that the synchronicity of couples is what shows how satisfied they are in a relationship.

Those couples who tend to go to sleep at the same time, and wake up together, have body clocks that are very in tune but I can tell you something more about that synchronicity that hasn’t been explained.

When you are so in sync with your partner, it will also happen that you call each other at the same time or maybe you are thinking about him, and he texts you at that very moment… or maybe you run into each other on the street as if you have agreed to meet each other.

Sharing a bed with someone is like sharing your whole life with them.

Once you have that level of closeness and care for each other’s well-being, you become one person.

It’s like you always know what the other person is thinking or when they are thinking about you.

It seems magical, and all close couples experience it, but it hasn’t yet been explained. Still, the best way to reach that kind of closeness is to share a bed.

5. It improves your relationship

The 10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

Being physically close to your partner can actually improve your relationship.

In a study, the University of Hertfordshire examined how physical contact affects couples who sleep together and it showed that couples who sleep close to each other have a good relationship.

My husband and I once had to sleep on two separate beds joined together; no matter how creative we were, it would be impossible to sleep in the middle, so we couldn’t sleep close together.

It might seem silly, but that seriously bothered us.

We didn’t feel as close to each other as when we fell asleep while spooning so we got one bed and it was really small, but we were instantly happier as soon as we got to be so close to each other.

6. You get to sleep in your partner’s arms

The 10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

There is nothing better than sleeping in the arms of the person you love. Somehow, it makes you feel so safe and protected.

As I said before, just remember the feeling from your childhood when you would sleep with a teddy bear.

You would feel like your teddy was protecting you from the monsters under the bed and the nightmares in your head.

The feeling when the person you love holds you in their arms while you sleep is very similar to that one; you simply feel peaceful and as if nothing in the world could hurt you.

After all, your knight in shining armor is right there next to you, to protect you.

7. You don’t hurry to get up in the morning

The 10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

When you wake up next to the person you love, you don’t hurry to get up.

Instead, you watch them sleep and get closer to them.

You slowly wake them up with a kiss and loving words.

Most of the time, they won’t want to get up right away and will instead pull you over to hold you in their arms; that way, you get to cuddle a little before getting up.

Once you finally do get up, you have someone to make you coffee and drink it with you.

All in all, the bed feels comfier once you’re in it with the person you love so you want to stay in it forever.

Starting your mornings like this will make you feel relaxed and peaceful during the day.

8. You feel happier

The 10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

Just being close to the person you love every night can release dopamine and serotonin, which are the happy chemicals that improve your mood and keep you safe from depression.

Everyone knows how awful night-time can be when you are sleeping alone; it’s the time when everything is darker, including your thoughts so when you are left alone with them, it can get tough.

Some people have trouble sleeping because they feel trapped in an empty bed but once you have someone who loves you in it, the night becomes your favorite time of the day because you get to snuggle with your partner and fall asleep peacefully… knowing that they will be there when you wake up.

9. You fall asleep faster

The 10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

As I mentioned above, when you are sleeping alone, you tend to overthink things.

Your brain starts going round, and you can’t get to sleep no matter how much you try to keep your eyes closed.

When I was single, I would stay up till the morning, just lying in my bed obsessing over things.

It was hard for me to fall asleep when the bed felt cold and empty.

Now, I fall asleep the moment I lay my head on my husband’s shoulder.

There is no need to think about everything when you have someone to talk to about it.

After all, if you can’t sleep but have your partner in bed with you, you can tell them about it.

Talking till the morning with someone you love is much better than staying up because you can’t sleep.

10. You can make a deal to never go to bed angry

The 10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

It might be a cliché, but I like the idea of not going to bed angry so I made that kind of an agreement with my husband.

The only thing I want to hear before falling asleep is him wishing me goodnight and telling me he loves me.

That is important for both of us, so we have agreed to settle our disagreements during the day.

When it comes to sleeping time, all arguments should already be solved or postponed till the next day, which is something that promotes the idea of knowing that you are always going to be together no matter how big of a fight you had.

I think that it’s a great idea and everyone should be able to go to sleep peacefully, knowing that they are loved.

10 Best Parts of Sleeping Next to Someone You Love

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